From 2003 to 2011, the then CBK Dordrecht rented a studio in the ‘Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben’ in Berlin. During that time, the studio was used by 19 selected Dordrecht artists. They each had 3 to 6 months access to an apartment and the studio in the Kunstfabrik. It is now 10 years since this initiative ended. For the artists, this residency was an important and meaningful working period and an enrichment of their professional practice. In “am Flutgraben” they present work from that Berlin period or recent work that has a connection to that time.

Nada van Dalen / Jeroen Fransen / JODI (Joan Heemskerk & Dirk Paesmans) / Anja de Jong / Ton Kraayeveld / Frans van Lent / Michael Markwick / Saskia Meesters / Jeroen Olthof / Nico Parlevliet / Manuela Porceddu / Fred van Rijen / Erik Sep / Albert Zwaan