Category: 2021

  • A Grammar of Gestures: Exhibition at Kourd Gallery, Athens

    Maria Capelo, Mark Lammert, Michael Markwick, Béatrice Dreux, David Benforado Opening 23 November 2021, 6 – 11 pm Curated by Jurriaan Benschop “The painters in this exhibition understand their work as a practice of transformation. Human figures, animals, or elements of landscape appear in their works, but these motifs present themselves neither in a singular, […]

  • New Paintings: A Sense of Possibility – March 20th- May 2nd – 2021

    A Sense of Possibility Born a. Darss:MICHAEL MARKWICKROBERT MUNTEAN 20. März – 2. Mai 2021Eröffnungstag: Samstag, 20. März, 11 – 17 Uhr DE EN A Sense of Possibility –Jurriaan Benschop, February 2021 “How is it still possible today to paint figuratively, or even to deal with figures at all?” Robert Muntean once asked in an interview. […]