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  • The Secret Life of Alice's Rubber Plant (2016)

    The Secret Life of Alice’s Rubber Plant (2016) 60 x 50 cm Dispersion and pigment on linen Michael Markwick

  • The Edge of Conceded Sunlight

    The Edge of Conceded Sunlight (2016) 180 x 150 cm Pigment, binder and mixed media on linen Michael Markwick

  • MICHAEL MARKWICK “from the archive”

    MICHAEL MARKWICK “from the archive” 9. Januar – 1. März Opening: 13. Januar (15:00 – 18:00) Hours: Montag bis Freitag (9.00 -17.00) Dates: 9. Januar – 1. März Michael Markwick arbeitet in der Regel im großen Format, im Robert Koch Institut zeigt er aktuell aber 40 kleinere Arbeiten aus seinem Archiv, darunter Zeichnungen mit Bleistift […]


    LONG LOUD SILENCE: ROBERT GFADER / MICHAEL MARKWICK / ROBERT MUNTEAN: Opens January 9th, 2016 -19:00 at the Nationalmuseum Berlin, Germany

  • Kunstverein Steyr, Austria

    Kunstverein Steyr, Austria

    New Paintings by artists: Robert Gfader Michael Markwick Robert Muntean At Kunstverein Steyr, Austria

  • Me Neither: Essay on Matisse

    Finding harmony within his work, not only within the larger elements of design but also through representing his life experiences on the canvas, Matisse considered everything. For every shift in color we have a counterbalance. His use of black and white within the work never feels extraneous.


    GEIST UND FORM: TEN PAINTERS FROM BERLIN: Sofie Bird Møller (Denmark),Valérie Favre (Switzerland),Bernard Frize (France),Maarten Janssen (The Netherlands),Mark Lammert (Germany), Michael Markwick (U.S.A. / The Netherlands),Adriana Molder (Portugal),Katharina Otto (Germany),Jorge Queiroz (Portugal),Thomas Scheibitz (Germany) “The show, with its diversity in positions, is regarded as an opportunity to investigate and rethink the notion of abstraction in early 21st-century painting. While in the early modern movements abstraction was connected to a specific style and program, if not ideology, in the present it is rather a quality that can be part of various visual languages, both figurative as well as non-figurative.”

  • Lecture The University of South Carolina

    Artist Lecture: Michael Markwick will be speaking about his paintings over the last 8 years, creative process, and his current working context in Berlin Germany. Michael Markwick is in the US participating in Geist und Form: Ten Painters from Berlin,at the Grunwald Gallery of Art at Indiana University, Bloomington Aug 30 – Oct 11, 2013

  • Ecozona

    Sometimes it is painfully clear that a digital journal fails to do justice to the art work it presents. To appreciate Michael Markwick’s paintings and drawings, such as Dark Water, our cover image, one should be able to face them up front. They are immense.

  • ‘Nieuwe’ schilderkunst uit Berlijn

    ‘Nieuwe’ schilderkunst uit Berlijn by Jurriaan Benschop __Nog niet zo lang geleden was schilderkunst uit Berlijn synoniem met Duitse schilderkunst, waarbij grote gebaren en verhalen niet werden geschuwd. Maar in Berlijn laat een nieuwe generatie schilders zich zien, van zeer diverse komaf. Ze beoefent schilderkunst vol vertrouwen, maar op bescheiden formaat. Kunstbeeld bekijkt vier schilders die […]