Solo Exhibition: Martin von Wagner Museum- “New Songs to Learn and Sing”

Solo Exhibition News

This year I have been preparing for a solo exhibition at the Martin von Wagner Museum in Würzburg, Germany. This exhibition will include 10 recent paintings (both large-scale and smaller works) and 12 select drawings.

While looking at the painting collection of the museum, I discovered a vanitas still life by the 17th-century Flemish painter Cornelis Gijsbrechts. The theme of vanitas – remembering our mortality, fragility, and the transience of our existence – seems particularly relevant at this moment in history, in which self-absorption permeates all areas of life. The Gijsbrechts still life stayed on my mind as I created the works for this exhibition. 

Shifting Sky, 2018
Acryl auf Leinwand, 95 x 120 cm /37,4 x 47,2 inches
foto: Eric Tschernow

The exhibition is part of the WinckelmannfeierThe opening of the event begins with introductory remarks at the Neubaukirche in Würzburg, after which we will all walk over to the museum gallery in the Würzburg Residence.

Girl in Shadowtime, 2018
Acryl auf Leinwand, 95 x 120 cm
Acrylic on linen, 37,4 x 47,2 inches
photo: Eric Tschernow
Bones for the Approaching Future, 2018
Acryl auf Leinwand, 170 x 140 cm
Acrylic on linen, 67 x 55 inches
photo: Eric Tschernow

12/12/2018 – 14/04/2019

Tuesday, December 11 
18:00 Neubaukirche
Würzburg, Germany

The starting point of the opening is at the Winckelmannfeier at the Neubaukirche in Würzburg, and then moves to the museum.

Opening Address:
Neubaustraße 38
Alte Universität, Neubaukirche (entrance from Domerschulstraße) Exhibition

Residenzplatz 2A
97070 Würzburg

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 – 13:30
Alternating Sundays 10:00 – 13:30

A full-color catalogue will be published by the museum and available for purchase. Texts by museum director Damian Dombrowski and curator Sophie Renninger. Texts in German and English.

Cornelis Norbertus Gijsbrechts 
Vanitas-Stillleben mit Dokument, Nottenblättern und einem Blumenstrauß (1662)
Öl auf Leinwand , 70 x 83 cm

© Martin von Wagner Museum,
photo: Birgit Wörz

Landschaft Abstarkt

Die Landschaft

Landschaft Abstarkt

Andreas Schlaegel drums, Manfred Peckl voices, bejaneinen einander dialogisch, Jäger auf Lauer, rollen sie Töne in die Steinzeit. Live ertakten sie Körper in Rhythmen, tauchen Momente ins Weit. Welt.

Tue 26.6.2018, 6 pm

Laura Bruce / Valeska Peschke / Zuzanna Skiba / Antje Blumenstein / Thomas Draschan / Jens Hausmann / Ekaterina Mitichkina / Carola Ernst / Joanna Buchowska / Heike Kelter / Malte von Stein / Wolfgang Ganter / Kai Teichert / Franziska Hufnagel / Karsten Konrad / Anne Schreiber / Michael Markwick / Heidi Sill / Petra Trenkel / Harriett Gross / Fritz Bornstuck / Thomas Henninger / Heike Gallmeier / Fabian Hub / Christine Molis / Tine Furler / Nicola Staglich / Hansjorg Schneider / Peter Dobroschke / Reiner Neumeier / Wolfgang Flad / Stefan Muller / Thilo Staudt / Jessica Buhlmann / Peter Bohnisch / Tom Fruchtl / Manfred Peckl / Andreas Schlaegel / Sascha Boldt / Olivia Berckemeyer / Jerry Kowalski / Anke Volk / Annelen Kaferstein / Ann Schomburg / Alexander Hopfner / Adrian Maryniak / Stefan Draschan / Sarah Alexander / Marc van der Hocht / Sybilla Weidinger / Bram Braam / Sador Weinsčlucker/ Stephanie Neumann / Mathias Deutsch / Shila Khatami / Eva Maria Wilde / Marten Frerichs / Ruprecht Dreher / Lennart Grau / Marc Jung / Patrick Alt / Marco Schmitt / Hansa Wißkirchen / Phillip Topolovac / Corry Mirski / John von Bergen / Lutz Braun / Peter Klare / Melou Vanggaard


Kosmetiksalon Babette
Bar in der Karl-Marx-Allee 36
10178 Berlin

Serious Play: Lucy Teasdale / Michael Markwick @ Galerie Born Berlin

Serious Play

20. April – 2. Juni 2018

Skulptur und Malerei
Eröffnung: Do, 19. April, 18 – 21 Uhr
geöffnet: Di bis Sa 12 – 18 Uhr

Galerie Born, Berlin
Potsdamer Str. 58, 10785 Berlin

The Slide (2017) 140 x 110 cm (55 x 43 in.) Acrylic on linen Michael Markwick
The Slide (2017) 140 x 110 cm (55 x 43 in.) Acrylic on linen Photo: eric tschernow

Michael Markwick”Most of Markwick’s pictures develop out of innumerable layers and over-painting. To accentuate the physical structure of the paint, he sometimes mixes sand into it or cuts it away with razor blades and spatulas. Markwick understands the painting process as both a dialogue and conflict between colour, form and narrative motifs such as elements of landscapes. In his current work hints emerge of human figures, a flower or a paper kite.

In titles such as Sailor on the Styx (2018) or Clattering Bones of a Flower (2018) the artist has started to emphasize traces of bones, skulls or skeletons, which had continually appeared spontaneously in older works during the painting process and in this way emphasised the latent confrontation with death and mortality.

A new, brighter state of pictorial composition has created room for this. Until 2015 Markwick was inspired primarily by expressionist influences – by Joan Mitchell, Willem de Kooning or the CoBrA group. Since making a journey to see the work of Piero della Francesca and frescoes of the early Italian Renaissance, you can see a greater lightness in his paintings. This lightness is characterised by brighter colours, more open spaces and stronger graphically nuanced forms.

Nevertheless the pictorial space is still  wrought with discords. In this way Markwick keeps all the elements active and vibrant and stimulates the gaze of the viewer. The viewer’s gaze is pushed away  from the finely shaded or swirled paint, zooms into details with an enormous impression of depth or, as in The Slide (2017) is sucked into a lead-dark chasm. In Poet Climbing out of the Earth (2017) a spring-like lyricism seems to conquer the weightiness, while in Bird Waiting for Storm (2018) a cascade of light rebels against the stone grey shadows that threaten to swallow up all other colours.”

Above quote from exhibition text.

Dr. Karin Schulze



Poet climbing out of the earth (2017)
180 x 150 cm
Pigment, binder and mixed media on linen
Michael Markwick


New Paintings

DONNERSTAG, 25. MAI 2017, 14 Uhr

26. MAI – 16. JULI 2017

Michael Markwick
1974 geboren in den USA
2002 Masters of Fine Arts, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
lebt und arbeitet in Berlin

PROJEKTRAUM HEIDDORF (ehem. Kunstraum Heiddorf)
Ernst-Thälmann-Str. 6
192944 Neu

+49 (0)38 758 200 63
+49 (0)172 88 55 692
25. Mai – 5. Juni täglich 13 – 18 Uhr
8. Juni – 16. Juli Do – So 13 – 18 Uhr

[email protected]

Discordant Harmonies and Imagined Wildness @ Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dark culvert (2016) 180 x 150 cm Pigment, binder and mixed media on linen Michael Markwick

2016 OCT. 27 @ Université Libre de Bruxelles
Discordant Harmonies and Imagined Wildness: A Painter’s Open Creative Space

Thursday 16.30-18.00 pm.

Room K.4.401

Dark culvert (2016) 180 x 150 cm Pigment, binder and mixed media on linen Michael Markwick
Dark culvert (2016)
180 x 150 cm
Pigment, binder and mixed media on linen
Michael Markwick

A lecture about the artists paintings and its relationship to the dissonance in urban and natural environments will take place on Panel 8 “‘Imagined Wilderness: Poetry, Painting, Place in Entanglement and Dissonance”

Hosted by the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and its Department of Languages and Literatures, in association with the Benelux Association for the Study of Art, Culture and the Environment (BASCE)

Register for the event here:




MICHAEL MARKWICK “from the archive”


“from the archive”
9. Januar – 1. März

Opening: 13. Januar (15:00 – 18:00)
Hours: Montag bis Freitag (9.00 -17.00)
Dates: 9. Januar – 1. März

Michael Markwick arbeitet in der Regel im großen Format, im Robert Koch Institut zeigt er aktuell aber 40 kleinere Arbeiten aus seinem Archiv, darunter Zeichnungen mit Bleistift und Tinte sowie einige kleinformatige Bilder. In diesen Arbeiten kombiniert er Formen, die er in der Natur vorfindet, mit Architekturen, die zum Teil an Gebeine aber auch an urbane Zivilisationsspuren Berlins erinnern. Die Formensprache des Künstlers oszilliert zwischen Abstraktion und Figuration, häufige Themen sind das Leben, der Tod und der Verfall, sie spielt aber auch mit poetischen und lyrischen Elementen. Einige der ausgestellten Arbeiten, reflektieren seine Eindrücke aus einem längeren Aufenthalt in Hong Kong im Jahr 2013. Viele dieser Zeichnungen bilden die Grundlage für seine großformatigen Arbeiten. (translation Sabine Kolb)

Robert Koch Institute
Nordufer 20
D-13353 Berlin-Wedding

U9 Amrumer Straße



Ohne Titel. (2015) 29,7 x 21 cm . Stift auf Papier
Ohne Titel. (2015) 29,7 x 21 cm . Stift auf Papier


Michael Markwick usually exhibits large scale paintings, however, at the Robert Koch Institute, he is presenting over 40 works on paper from his studio archive. The media exhibited includes drawings in pencil and in ink, and small paintings.  In these works, he freely combines forms found in nature with the architecture of both the human skeleton and Berlin’s urban elements. The artist’s language of abstraction and figuration frequently focuses on life, death, and decay, but also incorporates formal poetic and lyrical play. Also included in this exhibition are works he made responding to his experiences in Hong Kong, in 2013. Many of these works form the basis from which his larger-scale paintings are developed.