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Exhibition at Kourd Gallery, Athens November 2021-March 2022
Exhibition at Kourd Gallery, Athens November 2021-February 2022
David Benforado Maria Capelo Béatrice Dreux Mark Lammert Michael Markwick
Curated by Jurriaan Benschop
Flood (2021) 
145 x 120 cm 
(57 ³/₃₂ x 47 ¹/₄ in.) 
Acrylic and sand on transparent silk
Flood (2021) 
145 x 120 cm 
(57 ³/₃₂ x 47 ¹/₄ in.) 
Acrylic and sand on transparent silk

STIPENDIUM: Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V.

Neustart für Bildende Künstlerinnen und Künstler

Awarded stipend for documentation of drawing archive of 1500 recent works on paper for documentation. These works will be integrated into new monograph for 2022.


Michael Markwick (USA) + Robert Muntean (AT)

GALERIE BORN, Born a. Darss, Germany

20. März – 2. Mai 2021
Eröffnungstag: Samstag, 20. März, 11 – 17 Uhr
Südstr. 22, 18375 Born a. Darss

Michael Markwick has always taken the natural environment as a starting point for his paintings. It is his main motif, yet he has never been a traditional landscape painter in the sense of depicting a view with trees, hills, or a lake as we would see it from a window. Rather, nature is for him a driving force and a source of energy he wants to connect to. It makes him want to paint. It is the sun’s radiance or the sound of the wind sweeping through the trees that ignites a painting. For Markwick, nature is a place to find life in its fullness and diversity, ranging from coldness and cruelty to refined beauty and spirituality.

-Jurriaan Benschop

Painting by Michael Markwick Shelter (2021) 160 x 120 cm (63 x 47 1/4 in.)Acrylic
Shelter (2021)
160 x 120 cm (63 x 47 1/4 in.)
Acrylic and sand on silk and canvas


Tiger Strikes Asteroid – Chicago
Nov 7–Jan 16, 2021

Online Opening: Saturday, November 7, 4pm–7pm
Online Program: Saturday, November 21, 4pm-7pm
Closing Event: Sunday, December 13, time TBD

Michael Markwick: Cain and Abel (2020) 80 x 65 cm (31.5 x 25 19/32 in.) Acrylic on Silk and Wood
Cain and Abel (2020)
80 x 65 cm (31.5 x 25 19/32 in.)
Acrylic on Silk

[email protected]: Journal of European Literature, Culture and the Environment

The painting, Swimmer has been featured in the Tenth year anniversary issue of [email protected] the Journal of European Literature, Culture and the Environment. Vol 11 No 2 (2020): 2020 Ecocriticism: In Europe and Beyond.

“A more immersive and phenomenological experience of the environment and its materiality is instead the subject of the work of our second contributor, Michael Markwick. One of Markwick’s dramatic paintings was on the cover of the issue of [email protected] to “Green Countercultures” (2013). Here, he contributes instead with a large-scale 2019 work entitled “Swimmer,” in which an abstracted skeletal figure in the upper left of the canvas is caught in a tidal wave of bright blue water and debris. As the Art editor at the time, Isabel Hoving, suggested for the 2013 work, this new painting too offers a full immersion into the environment’s overwhelming forces and, consequently, a representation of our own fragility in the nonhuman world”

– Damiano Benvegnù

Einladung zum Artist Talk: MICHAEL MARKWICK – Sunshine for a Long Midnight, Samstag, 22. August 2020, GALERIE BORN, Berlin

We would like to invite you to a walk-through tour of the exhibition Michael Markwick: Sunshine for a Long Midnight, on Saturday, August 22, at GALERIE BORN, Berlin. The artist will be speaking about his new works on silk, his painting techniques, and the ideas about fragility that permeate his work. Questions will be welcomed.

Michael Markwick: Sunshine for a Long Midnight
Exhibition view: Michael Markwick: Sunshine for a Long Midnight @ GALERIE BORN, Berlin Solo Exhibition: 11. Juni – 05. September 2020

Michael Markwick: Sunshine for a Long Midnight

11. Juni – 5. September 2020

The paintings in this exhibition were made during the fall of 2019 through the spring of 2020. When I began working on these paintings, I was thinking of our relationship to nature, and our age of fragility. Nevertheless, this exhibition is taking place now, and the Covid19 pandemic has filled our minds. The work in this exhibition resonates with this moment of crisis…

Soft-Opening: Mittwoch, 10. Juni, 12 – 18 Uhr

Potsdamer Str. 58, 10785 Berlin

Di – Sa 11 – 18 Uhr

T +49 (0) 30 / 749 20 270,

Painting by Michael Markwick, Sleeper Rising (2020) 140 x 120 cm (55 1/8 x 47 1/4 in.) Acrylic on silk
Sleeper Rising (2020)
140 x 120 cm (55 1/8 x 47 1/4 in.)
Acrylic on silk

Postponed to Season 2021 due to Covd19

Michael Markwick (USA) + Robert Muntean (A) special guest: Lucy Teasdale (GB) – Skulptur

Mai 9 – 28. Juni 2020
Eröffnung: Samstag, 9. Mai, 18 Uhr

Südstr. 22, 18375 Born/Darss, T +49 (0) 38 234 / 674 804, Di – Sa 11 – 17

Slow Sunset (2019)
140 x 120 cm (55 1/8 x 47 1/4 in.)
Acrylic on silk
2019 Martin von Wagner Museum collection

The work, Still…life (after Gijsbrechts), 2018, has been acquired by the collection of the Martin von Wagner museum to join the 1662 still life by Cornelius Norbertus Gijsbrechts.

2018 Exhibition:

Galerie Born, Berlin


April – 2. Juni 2018

Skulptur und Malerei
Eröffnung: Do, 19. April, 18 – 21 Uhr
geöffnet: Di bis Sa 12 – 18 Uhr

Galerie Born
Potsdamer Straße 58, 10785 Berlin

Quiet Dissonance (2017) 140 x 110 cm Acrylic on linen
Quiet Dissonance (2017) 140 x 110 cm Acrylic on linen

Re: Imagining Europe

13 September–2 December 2017

Opening: 12 September, 19:00

Exhibition in Box Freiraum, Berlin

This exhibition shows the rich imagination that can be found across the European continent.  More

Nikos Aslanidis, Maria Capelo, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Milena Dragicevic, Bernard Frize, Luisa Kasalicky, Ida Lindgren, Mark Manders, Michael Markwick, Agnieszka Polska & Witek Orski, Monika Sosnowska, Tessa Verder

Curated by Jurriaan Benschop

BBK – Bundesverband Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler BBK

Award for documentation of drawing archive of 1500 recent works on paper for documentation.

Nikos Aslanidis, Maria Capelo, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Milena Dragicevic, Bernard Frize, Luisa Kasalicky, Ida Lindgren, Mark Manders, Michael Markwick, Agnieszka Polska & Witek Orski, Monika Sosnowska, Tessa Verder

2019 Long Loud Silence @ Galerie am POLYLOG

Artists: Robert Gfader, Michael Markwick, and Robert Muntean

Opening 24.5.2019 – 19:00 Uhr
May 24th – June 29th, 2019Wörgl, Austria

A new exhibition opens May 24th at the Contemporary Center for Art and Culture, Galerie am POLYLOG. The exhibition features the project Long Loud Silence, curated by Dr. Günther Moschig.


Galerie am POLYLOG

Speckbacherstr. 13-15
6300 Wörgl, Austria

2019 Artist Talk / April 5th 18:00

Martin Von Wagner Museum

April 5th, at 18:00

Südflügel Residenzplatz 2, Tor A

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 – 13:30
Alternating Sundays 10:00 – 13:30

2019 New Catalog:

MichaelMarkwick: New Songs to Learn and Sing

Texts; German and English with translations

Michael Markwick: Natur und Zeit; Prof. Dr. Damian Dombrowski, Martin von Wagner Museum der Universität Würzburg
Direktor der Neueren Abteilung

Of Bones and Light; Sophie Renninger, B.A.

Publisher: J.H. Röll Verlag


221 x 297 mm ( 8.7 x 11.7 in.)
Hardcover, full color, thread stitching
29 Full color illustrations of recent paintings and drawings
84 Pages

ISBN: 9783897545328

2019 Solo Exhibition:

Michael Markwick: New Songs to Learn and Sing

Martin von Wagner Museum, Würzberg, Germany 2018-2019

Dec 11, 2018 – April 14, 2019

A solo exhibition of the artists work, including work by Cornelis Norbertus Gijsbrechts

Of Bones and Light – Sophie Renninger
At first, it may come as a surprise that Michael Markwick’s canvases take several months, sometimes even up to a year, to complete. This element of surprise is fueled by a historically grown default assumption that surrounds abstract art Read more …

Damian Dombrowski -Michael Markwick: Natur und Zeit

Beim Wort ‚Naturereignis‘ denken wir rasch an Gewaltiges, Außerordentliches, oft auch Bedrohliches oder Erschütterndes – an eine Sonnenfinsternis vielleicht, an Erdbeben und Wirbelstürme oder an das Krachen, das einen abbrechenden Gletscher begleitet. Ein Naturereignis ist aber zunächst einmal nichts anders als Natur, die sich ereignet; das tut sie freilich immer, weil sie dauerhaft im Werden und Vergehen begriffen ist. Der Begriff umfasst also doch mehr, nämlich einen Betrachter, dem sie sich als Ereignis zeigt, und eine zeitliche Begrenzung dieses Sich-Ereignens. Ein Naturereignis ist vor allem Natur-Erscheinung, die das schauende Erleben im Vorübergang voraussetzt. Mehr Lezen

Residenzplatz 2, 97070 Würzburg

Poet climbing out of the earth (2017) 180 x 150 cm Pigment, binder and mixed media on linen Michael Markwick
Poet climbing out of the earth (2017)
180 x 150 cm
Pigment, binder and mixed media on linen

Parallel Vienna 2017

2017 Public Artist Talk: GOOD TO TALK

Sat 09.09.201711:30 – 12:30

Artists Michael Markwick and Tessa Verder in conversation with Jurriaan Benschop, curator, and Carolina Mojto, founder of BOX Freiraum, about their upcoming exhibition.

In “Re:Imagining Europe” 12 artists will offer a panorama of European imagination in times of migration, mobility, and political turbulence. For more information on the exhibition and BOX Freiraum, please visit

Gespräch / EN / Stage


26. Mai – 16. Juli 2017

Galerie Born, Berlin. Michael Markwick; New Paintings 2017. Projektraum heiddorf

Galerie Born /


Eröffnung: Donnerstag, 25. Mai 2017, 14 Uhr

Live Musik: Conrad Bauer (tb) 

19294 Neu Kaliß (Nähe Dömitz) 2

6.5. – 4.6.: täglich 13 –18 Uhr, 8.6. – 16.7.: Do bis So 13 – 18 Uhr