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 2019 – Of Bones and Light by Sophie Renninger
At first, it may come as a surprise that Michael Markwick’s canvases take several months, sometimes even up to a year, to complete. This element of surprise is fueled by a historically grown default assumption that surrounds abstract art: the canvas is an arena for the spontaneous, the gestural, the emotional, the wild – an utmost expression of the present moment. Inevitably, abstract Read more …

2019 Michael Markwick: Natur und Zeit by: Prof. Dr. Damian Dombrowski

Beim Wort ‚Naturereignis‘ denken wir rasch an Gewaltiges, Außerordentliches, oft auch Bedrohliches oder Erschütterndes – an eine Sonnenfinsternis vielleicht, an Erdbeben und Wirbelstürme oder an das Krachen, das einen abbrechenden Gletscher begleitet. Ein Naturereignis ist aber zunächst einmal nichts anders als Natur, die sich ereignet; das tut sie freilich immer, weil sie dauerhaft im Werden und Vergehen begriffen ist. Der Begriff umfasst also doch mehr, nämlich einen Betrachter, dem sie sich als Ereignis zeigt, und eine zeitliche Begrenzung dieses Sich-Ereignens. Ein Naturereignis ist vor allem Natur-Erscheinung, die das schauende Erleben im Vorübergang voraussetzt. Mehr Lezen

2019 New Catalog:

Michael Markwick: New Songs to Learn and Sing

221 x 297 mm ( 8.7 x 11.7 in.)
Hardcover, full color, thread stitching
29 Full color illustrations of recent paintings and drawings
84 Pages

ISBN: 9783897545328

Texts; German and English with translations

Michael Markwick: Natur und Zeit; Prof. Dr. Damian Dombrowski, Martin von Wagner Museum der Universität Würzburg
Direktor der Neueren Abteilung

Of Bones and Light; Sophie Renninger, B.A.

Publisher: J.H. Röll Verlag



(DE / EN)

In vielen meiner Arbeiten formieren sich dabei Kontrapunkte aus gegensätzlichen Kräften: Dissonanz trifft auf Symmetrie der Form, ebene Bereiche kollidieren mit der Tiefe des Raums und helle Farben leuchten im Kontrast zu gedämpften Tönen.


New Catalog

16 pages

Publisher Galerie Born/ katalogdruck-berlin.de

Kataloge auf die feine Art.

2014 GEIST und FORM Catalog Ten Painters from Berlin

BERNARD FRIZE, THOMAS SCHEIBITZ , MICHAEL MARKWICK , SOFIE BIRD MOLLER , MAARTEN JANSSEN, JORGE QUEIROZ, ADRIANA MOLDER,  MARK LAMMERT, KATHARINA OTTO,VALÉRIE FAVRE 70 pages, with illustrations in color Preface by Betsy Stirratt, director of the Grunwald Gallery Introduction by Jurriaan Benschop, curator of the exhibition Published by Grunwald Gallery of Art, Indiana University, 2014. ISBN 978-0-9772972-5-2 Price 10 euro

2013 ECOZONA:  by Isabel HovingHoving, Isabel. “Editorial“ [email protected]: European Journal of Literature, Culture and Environment [Online], 4 1 May 2013“Sometimes it is painfully clear that a digital journal fails to do justice to the art work it presents. To appreciate Michael Markwick’s paintings and drawings, such as Dark Water, our cover image, one should be able to face them up front. They are immense. ” [more]

X/I VOL.4: Ten Words and One Shot Ten Words and One Shot, Volume 4 includes a studio shot of recent work.  Includes a new original Silkscreen by Jonathan Meese. Hardbound and printed in cmyk on a 113 year old rapid-press at Stein-werk Leipzig; make sure to check out this cool project from Kevin Krumnikl.http://tenwordsandoneshot.com/true/


2013: Issue #11 Berlin Issue: Presenteert “Finding harmony within his work, not only within the larger elements of design but also through representing his life experiences on the canvas, Matisse considered everything. For every shift in color we have a counterbalance. His use of black and white within the work never feels extraneous. We feel the sitters in the spaces, their personalities; even the room has a presence, its decor giving off an energy as if the walls themselves were breathing. It is life-affirming.”  [more]   

‘Nieuwe’ schilderkunst uit Berlijn by Jurriaan Benschop

Nog niet zo lang geleden was schilderkunst uit Berlijn synoniem met Duitse schilderkunst, waarbij grote gebaren en verhalen niet werden geschuwd. Maar in Berlijn laat een nieuwe generatie schilders zich zien, van zeer diverse komaf. Ze beoefent schilderkunst vol vertrouwen, maar op bescheiden formaat. Kunstbeeld bekijkt vier schilders die het afgelopen jaar opvielen [more]

Presenteert: Influences from Literature “The works of American writer Flannery O’ Connor harbor a disturbing darkness that is still beautiful and sometimes humorous. That tension of something about to happen has left a mark on me that sometimes manifests in how much of my work sits on the edge of various narratives or abstraction. Some curators have pointed this out in the past – that it hard to discern whether the images in my work are pre-apocalypse, during the moment, or post-apocalyptic.” [more]

An Infinite Gaze- Jurriaan Benschop (Nederlands/ English/ Deutsch)

”When the Dutch/American painter Michael Markwick zooms in on a tree, a branch, a protuberance or roots, he does so seemingly with a greedy eye for the form and the outer texture. He grasps nature in all its materiality, with the rough bark and the decay that go along with it, and with the light that falls on it bestowing tone and shadow. At the same time, the artist seems bent on identifying an underlying principle, something that propels nature, that makes it swish, burst open and bend over. It is not just a matter of bowing before the wind but a more fundamental, less tangible force.”[more]

Among Trees by Jurriaan Benschop/ Translation Beth O’Brien (English)

“I always need to start with a landscape,” I once heard a writer say when asked, in an interview, how his novels took shape. First comes a spatial image, and within that the characters subsequently emerge as the story unfolds. In the work of visual artist Michael Markwick, a similar kind of thing takes place. He, too, seems to need the landscape as a means to generate something else: in his case, not a narrative or a character, but a drama in terms of form, which does show human characteristics though. The large charcoal drawings that he produced in 2009 show landscapes. The question that arises on looking at them is whether ‘landscape’ can actually be regarded as the subject being dealt with by the artist, or if it serves rather as a setting for other matters.


Disturbed Nature: Drie kunstenaars op de rand van het natuurlijke (Nederlands) Disturbed Nature: Drei Künstler am Rande des Natürlichen: Jurriaan Benschop (Deutsch) Disturbed Nature: Three Artists on the edge of nature: Jurriaan Benschop

Michael Markwick (US/NL, werkt in Dordrecht en Berlijn) bracht een deel van zijn jeugd door in een trailerpark in Michigan aan de rand van de stad. Een merkwaardig grensgebied waar natuur en menselijke nederzetting op elkaar stuiten, waar landschap en trash zich vermengen. Herinneringen daaraan vormden het uitgangspunt voor een aantal landschappelijke schilderijen waaronder Darker Dualities. De natuur verschijnt in Markwicks werk nooit in ongerepte of pure vorm. Puur is een woord dat eigenlijk niet past bij zijn expressieve schilderijen. Een enkel schilderij bevat tegenstrijdige stemmingen, is vermengd en gelaagd. Zowel gewelddadig als gevoelig, zowel donker als licht van atmosfeer. Zijn unieke, expressieve schildershand is ook terug te vinden in tekeningen waar stad en land met elkaar vervlochten zijn. [ Meer ]