Tiger Strikes Asteroid – Chicago
Nov 7–Jan 16, 2021
Michael Markwick: Cain and Abel (2020) 80 x 65 cm (31.5 x 25 19/32 in.) Acrylic on Silk and Wood
Cain and Abel (2020)
80 x 65 cm (31.5 x 25 19/32 in.)
Acrylic on Silk and Wood

I will be exhibiting a new painting, titled “Cain and Abel” and a personal item in this fantastic show at Tiger Strikes Asteroid Chicago created by, Nicole Mauser, Sheila Majumdar and Tobey Albright. The opening will take place Saturday, November 7, 4pm–7pm Chicago time.

co-hosted by Tiger Strikes Asteroid and Space & Time galleries, in Chicago, IL.


Tiger Strikes Asteroid Chicago
2233 S Throop St, #419
Chicago IL 60608 (map)

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Space & Time
3307 W. Irving Park Rd.
Chicago, IL 60618 (map)

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Hans Holbein, Des Todes

Online Opening: Saturday, November 7, 4pm–7pm
Online Program: Saturday, November 21, 4pm-7pm
Closing Event: Sunday, December 13, time TBD

Tobey Albright, Corey Antis, Karen Azarnia with Lindsey Hook, Mara Baker with Sabina Ott, Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli with Thomas L. Little, David Cordero with Jonathan Paul Gillette, Jonah Criswell, Mollie Edgar with Jason Polan, Robert Chase Heishman, Gina Hunt, Colleen Keihm, Katy Kirbach, Julia Klein with Sue Bosniak, Sheila Majumdar with Margaret Schäfer, Michael Markwick, Nicole Mauser, Gabriel Melcher, Curtis Miller, Ryan Peter Miller, Tim Nickodemus, Garry Noland with Ted Argeropolos, TJ O’keefe, Parsons and Charlesworth, Lydia Ross, Michael Savona,Kyle Schlie with Jesse Malmed, Zach Scott, Maggie Taft, Unyimeabasi Udoh, Jeff Ward with Roxie Thomas, Bradley Wester with Sarah Peters, Michael Worful with Jason Polan



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